The Band


Sahara Acoustics aims at bringing traditional and contemporary music from Africa to your ears.

We work with musicians and singers from all over Africa with the aim of getting our music  into hospitality venues, private events, corporate events, community centres, schools and colleges.


Our ambition is to enable young people, the general public , the disabled and people from all walks of life to feel and gain some understanding of music  dance, culture and traditions from Africa. 

As music is an international language without borders with a simple vocabulary of seven notes, we believe we can unify the world by understanding different cultures through music as a medium of communication and expression


Kweku Mainoo

Singer / Ukulele

Originally from Ghanai is one of the best singers and ukulele players to ever come from Africa. Creator of Sahara Acoustics.

At present Kwe is working on a few new projects - "Acoustic Alchemy" and "Prodigal World" where he performs solo, duos, quartet ensembles to display his up-to-date work and collaborations which he described as 'art in the waves'.



Alhaji is a kora player ,a virtuoso whohas contribute immensely to the band  and the sahara acoustics aims in Africa.

Khamissi Mumba

saxaphone /Trumpet

Originally from Kenya Khamissi is one of the best saxapnonistand horn player to ever come from the continent and are happy that he is part of our team.



Amadintalist from Mali based in Bamako is an Ngoni player the African guitar, one of the best in this instrument.

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